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Dating sasha

On transactions totaling less than $350.00, I also accept payment through Pay Pal.

He does not have a wrist tag or box, but he does have his original outfit of denim bell-bottom trousers, tunic, red Sasha scarf, underpants, and brown vinyl sandals, all in nice condition.

His stringing was way too tight, causing caving at the neck, so he has been restrung with original strings saved.

The dolls are listed at the top of the page, then packaging and paper items. Shipping outside USA is by Priority or Priority Express Mail, which has tracking and insurance, generally $50.00-$60.00 depending on the country.

Items smaller than dolls can be shipped First Class, which cannot be insured or tracked. Payment is by personal check, money order, cashier check, or bank-to-bank transfer.

During the twenty years that I researched the serie Sasha dolls, I acquired duplicates of many dolls and dress sets, which helped me establish time lines of the dolls in the three productions.

I always purchased dolls as mint and complete as possible, so that comparison dating of dolls and clothing would be accurate.

He has sprayed eyes with large, soft pupils and very pink lips, with a hint of change to beige lips around the edges.

I doubt they will change color any more or would have done so by now.

It is best to ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure or hesitant so that you are certain of getting the doll or item you expect and the expense of returns can be avoided.

She has the no-nose head and yellow eyes style 3 with lashes and blue shadow.

He wears navy wool sweater with no damage, dark jeans with leather belt, rib underpants, brown leather sandals with Prym snaps, large silver wrist tag, all in perfect condition.