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Dating real photo postcards ebay

At best, the public viewed this as some kind of sideshow novelty.

Yes, medical doctors actually thought people shouldn’t be so concerned with health and fitness. But of course, those were the days when cigarette ads claimed endorsement by “nine out of ten doctors.” As Mr.

He entered physique competitions, and he was featured in men’s fitness publications. La Lanne was also a regular on the original Muscle Beach scene at Santa Monica, CA, where physical culturists demonstrated impressive feats of gymnastics, acrobatics and weightlifting for huge audiences. One of Jack La Lanne’s excellent books aimed at a general readership.

The type of moderate physical activity promoted on was certainly better than sitting around and being a couch potato. La Lanne himself didn’t develop that muscular physique just by doing the basic calisthenics exercises that he demonstrated on television.

I may still occasionally post on Living MCM, but my blogging focus will now be FOUNDATIONS OF IRON.

Thank you to those who have shown interest in Living MCM! While it was cancelled after only three seasons, its continued popularity later gave rise to various movies and spin-off TV series, ranging from mediocre to excellent.

Heaven forbid somebody lift heavy things if they didn’t have to do so for their job!

Prominent figures in physical culture had promoted various exercise fads in the early twentieth century.

This will be the first of my occasional “Mid-century fitness” articles.