Start Dating male myspace com site uk

Dating male myspace com site uk

This was a song that sat proudly on your profile page and would automatically play whenever someone clicked on your profile.7.

A sign of high social standing, this was the My Space equivalent of a hole in one or perfect 10.

UPLOADING YOUR BAND'S MUSIC AND CLASSING IT AS 'MAKING IT'When people are listening to your music online, you've made it, right? Except the only people listening to your self-uploaded My Space tracks were the other members of your band and the four mutual friends you all share.

Sure, you might have hit play/pause/refresh enough times to rack up more than 1,000 plays so it seemed like you were really popular, but let's face it, if anyone found those tracks now you'd be mortified, right? EMBRACING STRANGER DANGER TO BOOST YOUR FRIENDS NUMBERSBack in 2003 when My Space launched, the internet was a more innocent place.

HOPING YOUR CRUSH WOULD SPOT YOUR 'WHO I'D LIKE TO MEET' HINTSLetting the world know exactly who you were, My Space offered up many categories that let you show off your individuality.

From your heroes to your favourite books and your sexual orientation to future family plans, it was the first proper way to digitally express yourself.

Looking back, it might seem like we took cringe-inducing baby steps into the world of social media, but who wouldn't go back to days of emo-haired mirror selfies and cryptic, pining love notes mascaraed as song lyrics? It was an exciting introduction to social media, a new means of expressing yourself, and a digital presence in a new, online world. Something that says, 'Yeah, my mum might still buy most of my clothes, but I'm a true rebel beneath that'."3.

", "Why the f**k did you kick me out of the top eight just because I kissed your sister?

Despite your petty pausing, it never once crossed your mind that people would be doing the same to you.8.