Start Dating link message optional url

Dating link message optional url

This should be used in conjunction with Show Domain Info=1 as the link itself may not be of the supplied Filter Topic but it’s domain will (it may not be the primary topic) Values: 0 (default) or 1 Optional: Setting to 1 will activate prefix mode.

If set to greater than 0, then it will set a limit to number of same source urls returned.

Set this to "yes" if you have tried unsuccessfully to find an archived copy, or a copy with a different URL.

This will put the page in Category: Articles with permanently dead external links.

q= zpětné odkazy || Č|34|34|10|cs|Czech|99|0|0|0|0|1|0|0| q= Index Data Source=F| | |Site Explorer - - Summary - Majestic|en|English|89|-1|-1|2017-07-14|2017-10-14|2017-10-14|Downloaded Successfully|Text Link|Text Link_Normal|14|0| | |76|37|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|34|Regional/Europe|27|Recreation/Pets|26https:// logo|2017-10-14|ASP Free - ASP Help, ASP Tutorials, ASP Programming, ASP Code - ASP Free|16|34|29|en|English|99|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|| | |Majestic®: Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker|en|English|97|-1|-1|2017-07-14|2017-10-14| | |Image Link|Image Link_Normal|63|51|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|43|50|62|Computers/Programming/Internet|61|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|47|Computers/Programming/Languages|41 Distributed Search Engine|2|3|71|en|English|99|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|| | |Majestic®: Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker|en|English|97|-1|-1|2017-07-14|2017-10-14| | |Text Link|Text Link_Normal|63|51|Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development|43|55|56|Computers/Computer Science/Distributed Computing|53|Business/Arts and Entertainment|42|Business/Employment|41 Distributed Search Engine|2|3|71|en|English|99|0|0|0|0|0|0|0| | |Majestic-12 confirms Google's milestone: more than 1 trillion URLs found -Majestic Blog| | |0|-1|-1|2017-07-14|2017-10-14| | |Text Link|Text Link_Normal|44|36|Computers/Computer Science/Distributed Computing|34|55|56|Computers/Computer Science/Distributed Computing|53|Business/Arts and Entertainment|42|Business/Employment|41The total number of links available for that referring domain.

If 0, it is unknown if there are more links available or not (old indexes).

Note that a link that is not in the Internet Archive (Wayback machine) can very often be found, e.g.

by a search for the full title, in quotes, if the Wayback machine fails.

Before considering whether to use the template it is often useful to make a search for an archive copy of the dead link and thereby avoid using the tag altogether.