Start Dating depressed girl

Dating depressed girl

I currently live with my mom and recently left my job due to stress but have enrolled on a personal-training course to build on my qualifications and hopefully make a career out of, albeit I'd need a part time job on the side.

Back when I was a carer for an infirm relative and consequently a hermit my social life was beyond-atrocious; after I stopped being a carer and got a shop my life did significantly get better.

At the moment the only thing that keeps me going is that I know that people have it worse than me.

There are millions of virgins out there who probably that get no where near the same amount of attention as me, but I'm me, I'm a flawed individual that is mentally-unstable despite my positive-demeanour.

At one point I was considering suicide, albeit this was a few years ago when my social life was dead.

I'm not overly fond of clubbing but it is a decent way to get to meet new people and I do go out sometimes with a few friends.

I'll provide a bit of backstory about me to give you guys/girls a better understanding of myself.

Most people would never guess I'm a virgin by the way.

If the Internet is good for anything—and, actually, it’s good for lots of things—it’s good for finding a needle in a haystack.