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Dating best friend39s widow

She said that one change was enough to manage at such a tender age.

At first Mum determined to go to a clinic to resolve the problem before it became apparent, but at the last moment she couldn’t go through with it. Extraordinarily, he agreed to raise the baby as his own, so long as she kept the secret firmly to herself.

David Leitch was irregularly mentioned only if his voice came on to Radio 4 or when one of his latest collections of journalism hit the shelves (we had them lined up in the sitting room, always inscribed to my mum). Once he brought this little sandy haired boy Luke to lunch.

I thought little more than that I admired what he did.

It’s early June this year, and I’m standing in a beautiful garden at Hay-on-Wye. Lots of people I know are here, but the two most significant are my 25-year-old half-sister Daisy and her mother, the writer and broadcaster Rosie Boycott.

We are bonded in an extraordinary way, by a secret that was only unleashed when I was 16.

But I was excited, too, about meeting David, knowing this other genetic part of me. When the call came I felt so anxious I needed the loo and told him so. I was a state-educated parochial girl; my father was a known London bon viveur, a serious drinker, an intellectual with children in the best private schools. They became a safety net for me within David’s chaotic world.

He had a boho lifestyle, indulged in complicated relationships and had a renowned feminist wife. At one party David’s Cambridge friends and Luke’s mum came. I felt I was trying my new personality out for size.

I was quite academic as a teenager – I wanted to read Baudelaire whereas they were disinterested in studying, keen to get out into the world.