Start Dating a black guy

Dating a black guy

Though comedians Jim Jefferies and Anthony Jeselnik have very different writing styles, personas, and deliveries, their jokes share one very important quality: They offend people.

” And then Conan turned his head, and he looked at me with no recognition whatsoever, and I chickened out.

I acted like I was looking two people past him, and I said, “Mike!

Now, I’m really terrible at tweeting because I’ve got bad grammar and can hardly fuckin’ spell and I’m a moron and I don’t know the difference between their and there, and that type of bullshit.

But the funny thing is, whenever I tweet something I think is kind of poignant, one of your fans will weasel up to me and go, “Well, Anthony already said it better.” And you’re like, “Fuck off, cunt.” Yeah, I own that now.

I’m at the end of her run of famous people, I think. Yeah, I mean, the best parts of dating a comedian are the dangerous parts, like, This is going to blow up in my face. Sadly, the reason I had to write that line was because of the people who started protesting me in Australia. And then, as I did it, I went, Oh okay, now no one can complain about the joke. But then you get that thing in your head, Well, maybe I should just have a disclaimer for everything. I don’t want anyone to feel safe, even if they’re fans.

And then when it’s over, you’re like, Oh, that’s why you’re not supposed to do that. ” It was like, “Don’t you ever dare.” Sometimes I would come up with a joke, and I would say, “What about this joke? Like, there’ll probably be an impending break-up and divorce and me ruining him one day. People were writing articles about me that were just, “Jim believes women should enjoy being drugged by men.” I went, I have to tell these people I’m joking. You can’t spend your life fucking worried about the morons. I don’t want anyone feeling so upset that they have to leave.

Because if someone writes you a letter, “I’m a big fan, I just saw you in Boise and had a great time,” and you write, “Thanks, I appreciate that,” and they write another message, you seem like a bigger cunt because they know that you’ve acknowledged the first one and then you’ve ignored the second one.

So it’s better to just let them think that you’ve ignored everything. It’s funny that you mentioned the Beatles, because I read that the Rolling Stones had a policy: We don’t care what you write. I once had a chance to meet what’s-his-name, Jack White. Well, listen, congrats on the special, it’s fantastic as always, and I hope to see you soon.

And she goes, “I won’t stay in the house whilst you two aren’t married.” and I’m like, “Well, a lot of incentive not to get married. Don’t hurt me.” You talk a lot about your kid in this hour. I mentioned him in the hour before because he was just born and didn’t have a lot going on.

But yeah, it’s what you’ve got to talk about when you live with a woman and you have a kid with her, and she doesn’t want you telling stories about having one-night stands and taking drugs anymore.

We’re never going to sue you, we’re never going to make a statement about it. Today, I would say Run the Jewels, but of all time, I might have to go with the White Stripes. They played [the bass line of Seven Nations Army] at a Dodgers game, trying to hype the audience up.