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Cruise ship crew dating

Mostly, it got monotonous, since the menu didn't seem to change up very often.

I mostly spent my evenings hitting on whoever would let me, whether it be waitresses, dancers, bartenders, dancers, and....yeah, the dancers.

There was a time on one of my ships that the mistress was pretty pissed because the wife and kid came aboard for a visit, lasting maybe a month or two..crew was especially wary during that time, since s--- has a habit of rolling downhill, and it did then, too.

Looking back, it really was an amazing time in my life, and I'm so glad I happened upon that job, even if there was some darkness in there.

Since I worked in the main theater, there wasn't much for us to do during port calls, and unless there was important maintenance (like moving the new 1,000 pound soundboard up 8 decks), I was generally making a mess of things in some port call or other.

My favorite by far is Cozumel, followed closely by New York City, all of the islands down near Puerto Rico, and the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific side of the country.

Stayed in a crew cabin, but only paid about $50 per cruise. Went to the crew bar every night and had a great time.

They're not real people." "My sister was a dancer with Carnival and I went on 5 cruises as crew-family.

Just below and to the sides of where you are sleeping there are crew members having sex, smoking and drinking. I set up the evening's show (helping to load pyro, checking/double checking all the machinery, etc), ran the show, and then struck/tied down all the set pieces.