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Other Ancient Indian Civilizations practiced more hardcore rites of passage, where they forced the teenager to eat wysoccan, a “drug plant”.

One of the meetups Justin had organized actually went well, he said, and the pair had planned to go on a proper date in a few days.

One more brutal aspect is the fact that during Crypteia, an annual festival, young spartans were forced to kill random slaves to prove their warrior merits. The young person would spend a period of minimum 3 days in the wilderness. Most often, teenagers would fast in an attempt to connect with different spirits of nature (what we now know to be Jungian archetypes).

At the end of this period, the child was accepted back into the tribe, having achieved a more contemplative mind and having been able to survive on his own.

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The Czech-born Festrunk Brothers, Yortuk (Dan Aykroyd) and Georg (Steve Martin), are disappointed their computer dates aren’t American foxes, but Croatian sisters (Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman).

Children were abused, often to the brink of death, in order to make them stronger.

They were sent into the wild for long periods of time to survive on their own and fend off animals.

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