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Chatroom no plug in

Copy the file, “mucservice.jar” into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation. To provide a standard way of accessing the data the MUC Service is using REST.

If the room does not require an invitation to enter (i.e.

is not members-only) then any occupant can send invitations. If logging is activated the room conversation will be saved to the database every couple of minutes.

Determine the frequency, in milliseconds, that the chat application connects to your server to update with new data. Also, determine whether your members can instant message only their friends or everyone.

These settings are applied on a per Member Level Basis.

The collection contains the bare JID of the users with member affiliation.

If the room is not members-only then the list will contain the users that registered with the room and therefore they may have reserved a nickname. search=test Endpoint to get information over specific chat room Payload: none Return value: Chatroom Header: Authorization: Basic YWRta W46MTIz NDU= GET GET

Payload: Chatroom Return value: HTTP status 201 (Created) Header: Authorization: Basic YWRta W46MTIz NDU= DELETE DELETE

servicename=privateconf Endpoint to update a chat room.

Payload: none Return value: HTTP status 200 (OK) Header: Authorization: Basic YWRta W46MTIz NDU= Header: Content-Type application/xml DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE

The Chat Plugin page allows you to manage all of the Chat Rooms in your community and determine the Global Settings and Member Level Settings for your community.

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