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One of the most common phrases used is Insha'Allah or God willing and it represents a promise for the future that is not quite defined yet.

It is vital that there is strictly enforced duration spent with them and number of swimmers and if you have a responsible operator, they will ensure that no one is allowed to enter the water until the guide can tell the dolphins are at ease.

From water pollution to inequitable access to water.

All inclusive resorts to exclusive land use that displaces local people.

Fear is a strong emotion though, and the one advantage of turmoil is that right now, as some travellers stay away, the ancient sites, hotels and Nile cruises are quiet. What you can do Dont give into the fear factor as that is giving into terrorism.

While we are reassured by experts as well as the near one million tourists who travel safely to Egypt from the UK every year that many regions of Egypt are not in immediate danger from terrorist threats, we encourage you to travel there and enjoy the countrys wonders.

Ralph Foulds, from our Egypt supplier Encounters Travel With the horrors of Syria on the daily news, it is important to remind travellers that Egypt and Syria are not neighbours.

Even Cyprus is a heck of a lot closer to Syria than Cairo.

Visit the Nubian Museum in Aswan, and buy souvenirs from artisan businesses in the region.