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Arctic Slope Mission Servs., LLC, B-410992.5, B-410992.6, Jan. Additionally, in reviewing an agencys evaluation of proposals, we consider not only whether the agency deviated from the RFP evaluation criteria, but also whether the actual evaluation was unreasonable. Corp., B-251876.4, July 12, 1993, 93-2 CPD 49 at 10 (finding agency evaluation that divorced the contract performance rating from the relevancy rating to be unreasonable).

See CLS Worldwide Support Servs., LLC, B-405298.2 et al., Sept. Indeed, the entirety of the past performance record, including the narrative explanations in the CPARs and the interviews with INL/A officials, supports the reasonableness of the agency's evaluation.

(Dyn Corp International LLC B-414647.2, B-414647.3: Nov 1, 2017)Our Office will question an agencys past performance evaluation where the record indicates that the agency either failed to evaluate, or otherwise unreasonably considered, the relevance of past performance references in accordance with the solicitations stated evaluation criteria.

Dieser Artikel gibt einen in drei Kategorien gegliederten Überblick zu den Resultaten der Untersuchungen im Bereich der digitalen Technik für Einzelmikrophone in geräuschgestörter Umgebung: geräuschunempfindliche Parametrisierung und Übereinstimmungsmessungen, Geräuschfilterung der Sprache und Kompensation der Sprachmodelle bei Geräuscheinwirkung.

Following the agencys corrective action, the agency attempted to contact two additional organizations identified by GMCS in its proposal as past performance references. Given this, we find the record does not support the protesters contention that the agency failed to contact any of its past performance references GMCS provided. As noted above, the RFP defined adverse as "past performance information that supports a less than satisfactory rating on any evaluation element or any unfavorable comment received from sources without a formal rating system." RFP at 333. For instance, in the 2011-2012 CPAR, in addition to the comments cited by the PPET, the CPAR evaluator noted that Dyn Corp's "weakness lies in the areas of Aircraft Maintenance and Logistical Support." AR, Tab 17, Dyn Corp PPI for INL/A Contract, at 13. The CPARs did not include other comments relevant to the PPET's assessment under the supply support element or indicate that Dyn Corp's approach to logistics improved during performance.

4, 2017; AR, Tab 12, Agency Past Performance Notes.

With regard to the individual the protester asserts was never contacted--that is, the individual that the agency claimed provided the negative review during the initial evaluation--the agency official explains that during the initial evaluation she emailed this individual, and subsequently spoke by phone with this individual.

The evaluation of an offeror's past performance is within the discretion of the contracting agency, and we will not substitute our judgment for reasonably based past performance ratings. On this record, we find unobjectionable the agency's assessment that the supply support element for Dyn Corp's INL/A contract reflected adverse performance, as defined in the RFP.