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Cameron richardson dating

Frankie Fraser was originally charged with the murder of Dickie Hart but was found not guilty.

It’s about creating a vibe; getting people relaxed and excited.

When that happens, you can do anything.’Some of the models who have worked with Richardson, however, tell a very different story — one that over the past 15 years, appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

But while his lewd photographs have long been regarded as beyond the pale by some — one ad campaign for Italian designer Sisley features a model squirting milk from a cow’s udder into her mouth — Richardson has always maintained that what goes on at his shoots is consensual.

Figures from within the modelling industry, including former i-D editor Caryn Franklin, said Richardson's behaviour has become an 'open secret'.

Crime lords: Charlie Richardson (left) and brother Eddie's trademark was said to be nailing victims to the floor before removing their toes with bolt cutters Renowned: Charlie Richardson (2nd right) along with brother Eddie (3rd right, holding face) dabbled in torture, protection and drug dealing in the 60s The two rival sets of brothers controlled London, operating through armed robberies, arson, protection rackets, assaults and torture, with the Krays based in East London and the Richardson gang from South London, also entrenched in the West End.

They were taken to hospital and on their release they were charged with affray and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Then there is the disturbing picture of 52-year-old Richardson himself being given oral sex by a young woman crammed into a dustbin with the word ‘Slut’ on her forehead.

In another shot, she performs the same lewd act while trussed up in a suitcase.

His big breakthrough came when he was hired for a campaign for British designer Katharine Hamnett in the late Nineties.

The controversy surrounding the resulting shots, in which the models’ pubic hair was visible beneath their skirts, meant that Terry Richardson’s name was soon on everyone’s lips.

Writing on fashion website The Gloss in 2010, she recalled how he took her to a couch and, in full view of two assistants, asked her to engage in a sex act.