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Cam to cam sex matching

Admittedly the photo I uploaded was intentionally more creepshot than corporate headshot — the former seemed more fitting given the context here: The best match it served was only rated at 47 per cent likeness (below).

Of course the feature does not respect the privacy of the webcam performers themselves, whose risk of being outed by someone they know IRL surely rises steeply here — given it is possible to perform a photo search for someone you know in real life to see if they can be found in its database of more than 180,000 webcam performers.

But on Thursday, after being dropped by Dannon, he released a grovelling video and apologized to 'all the women in the world'.'After careful thought, I understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and hurtful to women and to be honest that was not my intentions.'If you are a person who took offense to what I said, I sincerely apologize to you.'He lamented his lost sponsorship deal, saying: 'The fact that I've already lost sponsors and fans, the joke really is on me.'Dannon was quick to distance itself from Newton, one of the highest paid players in the NFL who will earn a reported $35million this year, after his comments towards Rodrigue.'We are shocked and disheartened at the behavior and comments of Cam Newton towards Jourdan Rodrigue, which we perceive as sexist and disparaging to all women,' a statement released by company spokesman Michael Neuwirth read.'It is entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace.

It's simply not ok to belittle anyone based on gender.'We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him,' it continued.

Not-so-lookie-likie In the interests of reportage, I tested the feature using a photo of myself and the results were, let’s say, underwhelming on the likeness front.