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Brooke shields on dating michael jackson

During rehearsals, Wonder flubbed a note, and Richie joshed him, "Stevie messed up? " They decided to blame it on his alter ego, Eivets Rednow.

During one runthrough, Joel took a moment to walk over to a nearby piano and play the song himself, confirming what key it was in. "I hate E." Michael Jackson, the biggest pop star in the universe circa 1985, sings the chorus, multitracked with himself.

He stacked these vocals at 9 p.m., while the other musicians were still arriving at the studio.

Last year, Richie remembered the craziness of hosting both the show and the sessions on the same night: "I'm coming off of tour, I'm reviewing a script this thick, I'm trying to organize this thing, who do we get to show up?

" Stevie Wonder steps up to the microphone to harmonize with Richie.

Richie and Jackson wrote the song at Jackson's house — they had known each other since Jackson was a child, when Richie's Commodores opened up for the Jackson 5 on tour.

Last year, Richie told about the songwriting session: "I'm on the floor in Michael's bedroom.

Stevie Wonder signs with a fingerprint, but Ray Charles has remarkably neat handwriting.

Lindsey Buckingham claims the prime real estate underneath the USA for Africa logo, which is about as prominent as he will get in this video. Lionel Richie, cowriter of "We Are the World" with Michael Jackson, kicks things off, assigning himself the opening vocal so he can be done and get out of the way.

"Check your egos at the door" read the sign on the front door of A&M Studios in Los Angeles on the night of January 28th, 1985.

Producer Quincy Jones had placed it there because dozens of the nation's biggest singers were walking through that door, and he had exactly one night to cut a record that would save lives by raising money to help alleviate a famine in Ethiopia.

Ingram had a Number One single ("Baby, Come to Me") two years prior, but just as importantly, he was well-connected to both Jackson and Jones, having cowritten the hit single "P. Earlier in the evening, when Joel spotted Ray Charles entering the studio, he said, "That's like the Statue of Liberty walking in." Jones introduced them: "Ray, this is the guy who wrote ' New York State of Mind.'" (The song was an homage to Charles.) Joel was visibly shaking, but the pianists hit it off: the following year, they released the duet "Baby Grand," and in 1999, Charles inducted Joel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.