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(I especially like the tear-drop-shaped “island” in the top of the crown.) This is the style I wear personally about seventy-five percent of the time. It should be shaped by life, by experience, by the occasional careless handling, by being too dumb to come in out of the rain once in awhile, by a bottle of Havana Club and some rummy idea about what a brim should look like, maybe even by thoughtless idiots who don't know enough to keep their damn hands off another man's hat. They probably would just think I'd found the key to the liquor cabinet. But I'm ready now to make one for you, if you need a good hat while you're getting on with getting on. You may have noticed that my Plantation style hat has the same pinches in the front and teardrop-shaped island in the top of the crown as the Classic Fedora. Some say that a Plantation and a Fedora got to fooling around in his back room. As you know, I don’t sail with the trade winds of fashion.

Predictions of future ice-mass loss from this area rely on physical models that are validated with geological constraints on past extent, thickness and timing of ice cover.

However, terrestrial records of ice sheet history from the region remain sparse, resulting in significant model uncertainties.

But we know Gatsby, so we know his hat would have been elegant, distinctive, stylish, expensive, the envy of all who didn’t have one just like it. To wear one requires simply that you have a good head on your shoulders. A good hat becomes a good friend.™ Visualize having ten good friends. Prices | Order People sometimes ask me “Is this really the style of Panama hat that wealthy celebrities like Errol Flynn and Noel Coward wore when they disembarked from their private yachts in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands during the 1940’s and ’50s? The Montego Bay is another classic fedora style Panama hat. You asked about rum, you learned about 20-year-old estate bottled Havana Club. I suggest the Golf of Panama, also known as the Monte Carlo (AC).

The Gatsby has a slightly taller crown, wider brim, wider ribbon, deeper “dimples” than my Classic Fedora. That’s my buddy Bruce sitting in the backyard wearing a red T-shirt and his custom Gatsby. The Optimo was the style of choice for British travelers, ex-pats, and empire builders in Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, and throughout the tropics—anywhere a gin and tonic had actual therapeutic value (against malaria, not just tropical tantrums). This style probably originated as a natural consequence of people rolling up their hats. It is equally appropriate for disembarking from yachts in the Caribbean, seaplanes in private bays, golf carts at the club, or lounge chairs by the pool. Do you see how the Montego Bay Fedora differs from the Classic Fedora at the top of the page? The Montego Bay is proportionately taller in front and lower in back. Except it really is old and authentic, not just made to look that way. Monte Carlo is the style name (same style as this one) and the AC stands for Air Conditioned, to signify the open weave, patterned crown. The artists of Montecristi weave the straw of the crowns into geometric designs. I’ve watched them do it, and I still don’t believe it’s possible.

If you fall in love with one of the photos, just let me know and I’ll aim for that proportion. I finally found some blocks that have just the right pinches, just the right center dent, just the right vertical taper on the sides of the crown, and just the right front-to-back profile curve on top of the crown. The hat in the top three photos is size 7 You don’t have to own one to wear one. But if you do own a plantation (or horse farm or ranch or maybe even just a really big yard), here’s your hat. You might want something a bit less fine for actual physical labor. One he could wear to the club for lunch or to Hong Kong for a meeting. After some experimentation, we agreed on a relatively short Aficionado brim. And you have a lot of good choices in addition to classic black. But not one of those cheap, junk hats everyone wears that look like they cost all of $20.

If you want a flatter brim, or a wider one, than in one of the photos, or a taller crown, or whatever, let me know and I’ll do my best. But after the cane is cut or the cotton is picked, and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, perhaps with a rum punch or mint julep in hand, this is the hat to be sitting under. Odds are, no one else at the party will be wearing this style. This is not the style to wear if you do not want to be noticed. If you’re a private detective following someone and you don’t want them to see you, leave the Greenstreet at home. As soon as we saw the combination we knew it was a winner. If this hat had been my size, I would have been sorely tempted to start on a new hat for Andy. I just got this new color (Happy Gray) and wanted to see it on a hat. When I made up this sample, it didn’t want to be my size, and I let it have its way. NOTE: I only have a couple of dozen hat bodies with brims this short, so I may not be able to make every size in each price.

We report glacial-geological evidence for the duration and timing of the last glaciation of Hunt Bluff, in the central Amundsen Sea Embayment.

A multi-nuclide approach was used, measuring cosmogenic C dating suggests that the last glaciation of Hunt Bluff did not start until 21.1 ± 5.8 ka – probably during the Last Glacial Maximum – and finished by 9.6 ± 0.9 ka, at the same time as ice sheet retreat from the continental shelf was complete.

The top of the crown has a distinctive center crease. The man looks like he could be sitting in the Director’s chair of a multi-jillion-dollar movie set. He’s easier to talk to when he’s in the back yard.) Should you have your hat custom-made? When the man defines the hat, the hat defines the man. Even today, the style is more popular in the UK than in the US. If you roll up an unblocked hat a few times, you wind up with a center crease. Some have suggested that wearing the Montego Bay while drinking a piña colada improves one’s chances of seeing the green flash as the sun winks goodbye in the tropics. In the top of the crown of the Montego Bay, the “island” is a little less teardrop shaped, a little more diamond shaped. You left the airport in a ’54 Coupe De Ville taxicab and you left the known world in a distant memory bank that no longer allows withdrawals.

The Gatsby is especially appropriate when driving your Bugatti to the club, drinking rum beneath a slowly turning ceiling fan, doing anything with palm trees nearby, or just looking like a man who looks great in a Panama hat. So why not call it a style, give it a name, and make some blocks. More and more of you are choosing to swan about in non-roll-up Optimos. If you want a skinny-brim hat, this is a good style to work with.

He has even played the tragic playboy Dodi Fayed, and it sounds like there’s a lot of party animal still left in this family man.