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Best book for dating advice

Since effective copyright was slow to take hold, many editions were pirated well into the period of the Enlightenment, and without effective royalty systems in place, authors often saw little, if any, of the revenues for their popular works.

In the United Kingdom, a hardcover book could be considered a "bestseller" with sales ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 copies per week, and in Canada, bestsellers are determined according to weekly rankings in the country's national print sales tracking service, BNC Sales Data.

There are many "bestseller lists" that display anywhere from 10 to 150 titles.

Hardcover bestseller status may hasten the paperback release of the same, or slow the release, if hardcover sales are brisk enough.

Some lists even have a third category, trade paperback bestsellers.

Bestseller lists may vary widely, depending on the method used for calculating sales.

The Indie bestseller lists, for example, use only sales numbers, provided by independently owned (non-chain) bookstores, while the New York Times list includes both wholesale and retail sales from a variety of sources.

An author may also be referred to as a bestseller if their work often appears in this category. Most of these lists track book sales from national and independent bookstores, as well as sales from major internet retailers such as and Barnes & Noble.