Start Be happy with yourself before dating

Be happy with yourself before dating

Are you truly available and ready to open yourself up to another human being? By evaluating yourself first, you can avoid a lot of tears and broken hearts.

While dating can be fun and casual, entering into a serious relationship is something that takes a lot of forethought.

Because yours and your partner’s feelings are on the line, you should be completely ready for the experience before starting down this road. By doing so, you can avoid future heartbreak and have a healthier relationship from the start.

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Your relationship with yourself sets the bar for every relationship in your life.

If dating is more like a chore, you should probably reevaluate the reasons why you are dating in the first place. No matter how much you want to start seriously dating, if you are balancing a full-time job and going to school at night, you may just not have the time right now. There are phone calls, texting, and general time spent getting to know each other.

Perhaps you should take more time to focus on yourself or look for someone that you have more in common with. Instead of trying to juggle all of life’s priorities and a new relationship, it might be better to clear some space in your diary first. Your partner deserves to spend quality time with you, and your relationship will depend on it.

Don’t start a serious relationship if you do not have the time to commit to it.

While money does not dictate happiness by any means, being financially unfit will make starting a new relationship more difficult.

Here are eight ways to tell if you are ready and available to take dating seriously.

Your happiness does not depend on anyone but yourself.

You enjoy your life without a partner and don’t have the false hope that someone else will make you happy.