Start Are ashley benson and caleb dating

Are ashley benson and caleb dating

Alex was sent to live with a rich family in London.

Ezra learns Aria has known she couldn't conceive for a month or more, and they have a heated goodbye.

It's the day of the wedding, and it's Rosewood, so that means nothing good.

However, all the couples retreat to their rooms, and a montage of sex scenes begins. Ezra says all the right things — they can create a family through so many different ways, infertility doesn't change who Aria is. The halls of Rosewood High show us exactly what hasn't changed.

Well, except for Spencer and Toby (Keegan Allen), instead of a steamy night of sex, the two former lovers spend the night playing scrabble. There are still teenage bullies using dolls to terrorize others.

Wren thought Alex was Spencer at first, and Wren ended up telling Alex everything about her two sisters — Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and Spencer. (Yes, he went from Melissa to Spencer to Melissa to Spencer's twin; so Wren really has a type).

Wren even introduced Alex and Charlotte to each other.

Yes, the popular fan theory that Spencer has a twin is once and for all true.

Mary Drake did indeed give birth to two girls that night.

Caleb sold his software company to Lucas (Brendan Robinson) and Hanna's fashion line is taking off.

Plus, Mona (Janel Parrish) has now been released from the sanitarium and is living with Hanna and Caleb, much to Caleb's chagrin.

One was always kept a secret from the Hastings and Jessica Di Laurentis (Andrea Parker).