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Archaeological dating important

The marble statue is a Roman Imperial imitation of a Rhodion original.

The following sector displays material from the first Greek colonies of Naxos, Mylai, Zancle, Katane and Leontinoi, the largest space being devoted to the Doric colonies of Megara Hyblaea and Syracuse.

Similar knives have been found in the British Isles, Frisia, and Norway, however, and have been depicted in illustrations of scribes.

But such knives may also have been used by other types of craftspeople.

For more, go to “Bronze Age Traveler.” reports that a rotary knife that may have been used by a medieval scribe was found in a hearth in a building at a castle site in northern Poland.

The four-inch-long knife has two blades and is estimated to date to the eighth or ninth centuries A. “No similar object has been found in Poland until now,” said Slawomir Wadyl of the University of Warsaw.

“The shape of his head is beautiful, and you can see from the teeth he would have had a perfect smile,” she said.

Nezirovic also noted that he probably stood somewhere between five feet, six inches, and five feet, nine inches tall.

“The midden was found when they started digging to locate the utility lines to the washrooms,” she said.