Start Aol com dating interracial

Aol com dating interracial

– Rates of interracial marriage are increasing—and you might have online dating to thank, according to a new study.

Altogether, the data analysed was from close to 3,000 of the agency's members in the three territories.

It takes into consideration the clients' first preferences for their ideal partner.

SINGAPORE - Despite interracial marriages being on the rise here, most Singaporeans still prefer dating within their own race, data from a major dating agency here has shown.

Last year, 20.9 per cent of marriages registered here involved couples of different races, up from 20.7 per cent in 2012.

For instance, men across all age ranges showed a preference for women in their 20s.

While younger women preferred men aged 30 to 35, older women aged 45 to 50 seemed more inclined towards younger men aged 25 to 35.

"It's not necessarily that they're not open to dating other races, but the people who join our dating agency are generally looking to settle down and have to think about factors such as finding somebody their family might approve of.

"It's important to realise there is a difference between a person's first dating preferences and the person they actually end up being compatible with." Of the 996 clients surveyed in Singapore, 488 women and 462 men were Chinese.

Online dating is now the most common way homosexual couples meet and second most common way heterosexual couples meet, and 15% of Americans say they've tried online dating, according to Science Alert.

Suddenly, people were forming strong links with complete strangers, ignoring those weak links altogether.

Traditionally, it was those weak links that provided a romantic partner—think a friend's coworker or something.