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Annie clark dating andrew bird

No towns or settlements are shown on the “Kentucke” map of 1795, for none had yet been settled.

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My interest in my JAMES ancestors started when I first contacted a cousin of my grandmothers — Glenn Warren.

It would seem that Edward and Anne traveled to England shortly after John’s birth, because Edward died in England in 1670. Edward and Anne’s son John Thruston (shown as Thruston and Thurston in various records) and his wife Elizabeth Cary Thruston married in England on September 23, 1690. His first wife was Elizabeth Frances Morris and they married in 1774.

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Their 10th and last child, Mariah James, was born in 1802. (It is possible that the boundary lines of the counties mentioned changed, as there were many boundary line changes. His grave marker can be found in the cemetery at Beaver Dam Baptist Church, Beaver Dam Kentucky, photo above.

See John and Lucy (my fifth great grandparents) were “pioneers” in the purest sense of the word. It reads: After much searching, I could find no published webpage that contained this particular James family history.

John could easily have been acquainted with Daniel Boone; they lived in the same general area, and at the same time. In an attempt to help other James family researchers, I have published this information on this webpage.