Start Aniruddh dave and pooja sharma dating

Aniruddh dave and pooja sharma dating

While you expect one of these multiple choices to be ticked, Gul Panag comes up with the most unheard of answers, "Flying." Repeat, come again, pardonbut Gul is firm on what she says, "Flying.

"Gaming has totally developed as a major industry today. Of course, since Angry Birds played a major role in taking youngsters back to gaming; the latest Space version pivots around playing with the physics of planets.

Movies are being made out of games and the vice-versa is also true," the final-year engineering student Sekhon, Grand Theft Auto fan, adds. Making it scientific is only another way of adding creativity to gaming.

Apart from new games coming in every now and then, the industry is not devoid of problems.

"In the Indian market, the bandwidth and the PCs are still far behind compared to what exists in the international gaming world," says Rohit.

"Life has always been like this for me, I knew Rishi (her husband) ten years before we got married.

Everything's on the same track." Even her career graph hasn't seen much of a variation for that matter.

And he has also played Nationals in gaming recently! I believe gaming is equally popular in South-India," the 20-year-old computer engineer from Rayat Bahra Group of Institutions says.

Oh, by the way, have you been waiting for what comes out after Max Payne?

After all, which father will take pride in calling his son a gamer when the doctors and engineers flash better in one's resume!

"Yes, parents will never encourage it," says Shahbaz, who was once responsible for organising the most talked about LAN party in Chandigarh.

Apparently, Angry Birds Space, released on March 22, has already had over 50 million downloads, throwing even the game-developer into a tizzy. "The most important aspect that makes any game popular is that it should provide any gamer the freedom to do what he or she wants to do; things which are probably unimaginable in real life," says Shahbaz Sekhon, a 20-year-old avid gamer.