Start Amazon tracking not updating

Amazon tracking not updating

To set up a postback mapping for your ODBC profile do the following: The Postback database can be the same as your Origin database or it can be a completely different database.

This can also happen any of the other Batch profile types including ODBC data sources and Shopping Carts.

While updating shipment information to your store or database does not fail very commonly some reasons why it does occur include: I.

By clicking on in the Batch dialog you can try to update the information again.

If an update is unsuccesful you will get an error immediately.

If this happens it is possible that you are using a web-store such as an Amazon or e Bay account, an online shopping carts such as Zen Cart or a remote database.

In these cases simply retry updating your orders back to your order source (see below for more details). Order no longer exists in your data source It is possible that the order cannot be updated because it no longer exists within the data source.

Now we need to be sure that we are grabbing orders that we actually shipped in Ship Works. Click the branching icon to add an "And" branch to the filter conditions.

If you wish, you can change the number of hours Ship Works waits before sending the updates again.

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When printing postage in the Batch dialog, occasionally, information such as tracking number and cost may not get updated in the source from where you imported your orders. when printing postage from Amazon you may notice that the information does not appear in your Amazon store.

When this is the cause of the problem, the easiest solution is to attempt to manually locate and update the affected orders in the data source itself.