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It started in Provo, Utah and has expanded greatly.

Whenever we have a bad day or need a laugh we turn to certain videos.

So we had this idea about 7 months ago to build a collection of hilarious You Tube videos that we always turn to for a guaranteed laugh.

People frequently stress out over how much time is the “right” amount of time to wait before having this conversation. Seeing each other for a few days a week for a month is different from seeing each other two or three times in that month.

Going on dates to the movies is different from spending hours engrossed in conversation.

Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex psychotherapist based in San Francisco, to help us out with the specifics.

This week’s topic: how to talk about commitment with someone new — even before you have sex.

It’s hard to go out with friends or family in our age demographic and not have someone say “did you see that funny movie on You Tube?

” Followed by laughs, acting it out, or loading it on a laptop or phone to watch instantly.

We figured if we could get to about an hour and half we could have a solid date that we could do at home for free. We’ve been building the channel for months asking some of our funniest and most media-centric friends for ideas beyond the ones we already had.

I must say we did it with some criterion: When we added a few more this past week we decided to total the time of the video channel we created- we had over 2 and a half hours of hilarity!

Are you making plans for spending time together in the future? Being approached to have “the talk” can feel intimidating.