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In Scottsdale, you can learn how to shoot a machine gun.

We talked a lot about it having a dreamlike quality to it.

“Instead of going into one studio and recording it all at the same time, we picked a couple studios, and started to experiment,” says Chris Wood.

“Sometimes we’d just make demos of songs to see if we got anything we liked.

As a result, people feel like it’s unnatural to be sad, yet.

sadness can be a gift: “All of my wisdom came from all the toughest days / I never learned a thing bein’ happy / all of my sufferin’ came / I didn’t appreciate it / I never learned a thing being happy.” While the majority of ‘One Drop of Truth’ was written and recorded as a group, the standout track “Strange As It Seems,” described by Chris as, “a classic Oliver song,” was an exception.

Chris Wood’s “Seasick Emotion,” one of two songs he sings on the collection serves as a prime example: “All the blue sky is gone / How can I get out of bed / This hurricane in my head / I’m just a boat in a storm / How can I know where to go / When everything that I know / Is already lost in the wind.” “That one was written last fall during a hurricane, while at the same timethe election was coming up, and there was all this crazy energy in the world,” Chris reveals.

“I definitely got swept away emotionally by everything that was going on.” Album opener, “River Takes the Town,” takes on both figurative and literal meaning.

In Brazil, well, you can scour the beaches for party girls.