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Aaron rogers dating

"I told him a long time ago I'd always root for him as a player," Patrick told the AP, explaining that the two first met at the ESPY Awards in 2012.

Reports have already stated that Rodgers has already met her parents, if you choose to read into those.

Meeting the folks, some romantic dinners, and a sheepish grin?

It was unusually cold in Arlington during the week leading up to Super Bowl XLV; a winter storm had barreled into Texas, blanketing Cowboys Stadium with so much snow that slabs of ice cascaded from the roof.

As he reflected on the sacrifices and the slights, he wondered whether it was all worth it, and then he felt something unexpected -- not regret or fulfillment but a different sensation, like a space had opened inside of him.

Watch as Patrick ignores the reporter's question about her possible love connection with the Packers' gunslinger.​​ ​​That smile speaks louder than a yes.

Assumptions shouldn't be made about their dating life, but Patrick didn't give us any reason to believe otherwise.

Aaron Rodgers may have spent most of this season on the injury shelf, but his personal life is getting plenty of reps. No idea if this is true but it's a good excuse to bust out Danica's SI Swimsuit photos. Not exactly surprised at the news that Stephen Jackson loves getting high ...

After splitting from Olivia Munn in April, Rodgers has been connected to SI Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach, gold medal winner Lindsay Vonn and ex-Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius. Moon Maison is known as the "World's Sexiest Life Coach," and I don't know any life coaches so I'm okay with that claim. Retired linebacker Aaron Maybin is helping get heat in Baltimore schools ...

Rather, he realized he was still looking for something -- for a sense of clarity, or purpose -- that was beyond his current line of sight.

"It's natural to question some of the things that society defines as success," he says.

He thought about life and football and everything he had invested in his sport, and a jarring realization sprang into his mind. warm afternoon in Los Angeles, and I'm sitting in my living room, looking at Rodgers looking at my stuff.