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Swartz now resides) Huston lived as early as 1774, as is shown by his own affidavit (given in the account of Dunmores war in the general history of the county), in which he said that in April of the year named Capt.

On the 26th of April, 1771, Abraham, Martha, and Joseph Hunter sold their tracts, Catfish Camp, Marthas Bottom, and Grand Cairo (in all about one thousand and sixty acres), to David Hoge, a native of Cumberland County.

The bottom line is that you save on taxes today but end up with investments which have a lower cost basis.

This means you’ll have more taxable gains when you eventually sell them But for many of us, this is years down the road in retirement when we have ditched the full-time salary and thus are in a lower tax bracket.

3516), named in the survey "Grand Cairo," and containing three hundred and thirty-one acres and twenty-one perches.