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At first the megaliths were menhirs, or single standing stones; then people made cromlechs, or stone circles.

There's no any solid scientific evidence yet whatsoever, that the mentioned megaliths were really build at the mentioned time - it is just a hypotesis based on the carbon dating.

“These attempts never work, and the mouras remain sad and spellbound and cry so much that their tears have given birth to certain rivers and lakes,” Lindström wrote.

Earlier legends, however, don't mention a Moorish connection or being spellbound and instead say they live in the underground world of the caves or dolmens and want nothing from people except milk, to which they're addicted.

Her thesis is more than 100 pages long and contains much more detail about mouras than I included in my article.

is kind of a hard site to sign up to and navigate, but if you really want to read more, Henna's thesis is rich with detail. At first: thank you for this interesting post, secondary apologies for my poor English..)) - I have a small problem with the followiing frase: "Carbon dating shows the people of Europe began building megalithic tombs between 48 BC,..." As most of us knows, it is impossible to carbon date non-organic materials such as stones.

“Linguistics gives also a hint about the tasks of these moura-mari-marion goddesses by connecting them to the themes of death and spirits, and folkloristics connect them to life, fertility, health and old wisdom,” Lindström wrote. More recent tales speak of mouras as Moorish women put under the spell of an eternally unchanging state by their fathers to guard treasures hidden underground or in the dolmens.

They may be transformed into snakes and be under guard by angry bulls.

There are thousands of known megaliths in Iberia alone.