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By her side since their wedding in 1947 has been Philip, whose confidence and unscripted humor have long balanced Elizabeth’s shy nature.“He’s someone who can be frank and someone she can have a laugh with,” says royal biographer Robert Hardman, author of Our Queen at Ninety.“My vision for the image was to capture an intimate and natural portrait of the Queen and Duke to celebrate their landmark anniversary.

And just like Will and Kate, a young, pretty Princess Elizabeth and a tall, handsome Prince Philip brought smiles and celebrations to the nation – something that was certainly needed in November 1947, just two years after the end of WWII.

Storm says he was telling a story about the Polynesian goddess Pele when he momentarily put down his Go Pro Hero 4."I am very passionate about what I do and sometimes get lost in providing our guests with cultural and scientific information," Storm said.

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